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When Graphs meet AI

Big Data | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Real Time | Graphs

¿How is Smartgraph?

Analytical platform based on Big Data & Graph Analytics for real time processing, integrating business users and data scientists in a single environment.

Big Data & Graphs

Interrelate all your information in a Graph Data Fabric, which provides a new perspective for data accessing.

SmartGraph provides the possibility of integrating all your information in the same platform in order to access, analyse and investigate data more rapidly. This is approach in data accessing.

It has the capacity to integrate and connect different data sets, such as ERPs, CMS and Transactional logs. This helps the user to visualise and understand all the information originating from different sources.

Graph Analytics for business

Artificial Intelligence

By mixing Graph Analytics with Artificial Intelligence, SmartGraph provides new indicators for your models, empowering them while creating a cutting-edge analytics platform.

Data Scientists can either use pre-defined models or create their own, deploying them without any intervention in the clients’ systems.

central bank tools of monetary control

Real Time

SmartGraph produces your models in an easy way, allowing a reduction in the time-to-market process to test your models in real production and receive user feedback. This is the essence of this platform.

It contains a stream engine, which evaluates business rules, machine learning models and graph analytics algorithms in real time.

Analytical platform based on Big Data & Graph Analytics


Design your process workflow to interact with any system and to generate alarms while machine learning models are evaluating the information.

With SmartGraph Flow Editor, you decide how your models are graded, providing an automation system based on AI.

Analytical models for banking insurance companies


smartgraph fraud detection fraude

Insurance & Banking

Fraud Detection

By using a single platform especially designed to detect and investigate fraud, investigators and Data Scientists can be connected. Typical use cases are: Investigating Fraud Rings, Reducing False Positives, External Data and Investigation.
smartgraph data visualization grafos

Data visualization tool

Know your customer

Your clients buy products, so use your communication channels to gain access to your intermediaries. SmartGraph provides a platform to understand their behaviour, based on the relationship between diverse information.
smartgraph compliance grafos


Investigation Platform

Connect all your sources of information in a single platform to provide a new approach in the analysis and investigation of your data, based on graphs. Integration: Connect external and internal data in your investigation process.
smartgraph producto grafos

Internal Audit

Network & IT Operations

A new method to understand the support & maintenance of your systems, based on Artificial Intelligence and the relationships between data.

How does it work?

Competitive advantages

1. Capacity

Scale your needs. Obtain data from multiple sources and processes.

2. Insights

Analyse your information based on the relationships between data. Discover patterns and anomalies within your information.

3. Customisable

Use pre-defined models or create your own. Define your workflows in an easy way.

4. Integration

Easy to adapt to your existing IT Systems.

5. Usability

Access all your data, regardless of your level of expertise.

About us

Developed by the Spanish company Future Space, SmartGraph is a commercial product. It has been on the market for over three years, receiving continual updates. It has proven to be highly successful, both nationally and internationally, in countries such as Italy, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. 

It has succeeded in becoming a unique solution within the Banking and Insurance sectors, being respected for its high performance in fraud detection in both payment methods and risk analysis.


The SMARTGRAPH project consists of the development of a new homonymous technology, which combines analysis techniques on graphs with Machine Learning and automatic learning techniques, with the aim of detecting anomalies in the social structures formed by a certain reality.

SmartGraph intends to collect the advantages of each of the previous techniques by generating a technology that allows to combine the distributed processing techniques of the programming paradigm (based on actors, graph analytics and the application of Machine Learning techniques) and allow to revolutionize research in disciplines such as cybersecurity, fraud detection, or criminal investigation.

FUTURE SPACE with file number TSI-100200-2017-12 and title “SMARTGRAPH: NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR FRAUD DETECTION BASED ON ADVANCED ANALYTICS AND MACHINE LEARNING ON GRAPHICS”, is developing a tool co-financed by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Agenda Digital, within the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation. Call year: 2017. Amount awarded: grant: € 222,488.40; loan: € 462,361.30.


SmartGraph brings structure and meaning to big amounts of data so companies can make decisions that truly fit with business needs.

Edificio Marpe. Avenida de Tenerife, 2. San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid. CP 28703

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